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a little bit about me.

I'm Jenn, a neuroscience researcher, aspiring health tech innovator & philanthropist, and an old soul at heart. Based in Vancouver, I am currently calling the (virtual) University of Waterloo home, where I am pursuing my first year of Honours Biomedical Engineering.

I'm interested in leveraging technology to bridge the world's inequalities, particularly in the areas of healthcare and social justice. Things I am just as passionate about are creative engineering design, social entrepreneurship, climate action, and the use of storytelling to bring light to important world issues. Outside of work, I am an avid reader, runner, and sunset chaser!

"stop and watch the sunset"

I'm on a life-long journey of discovery. Not only about the world, but also of myself. In a world that's always hustling, it's important for me to sit back and reflect on how much I've grown and accomplished. Appreciating all of people, places, and experiences that have molded me into the person I am today is much like taking in a sunset - there is beauty if you stop and look at it. I've noticed my best ideas come out once the sun has set, as if there is something liberating when the world around me as slowed itself down.

I hope this website can serve as a living documentation of my sunset-induced ideas and my personal + professional growth. I invite you to join me as I embark on this adventure of painting my own awe-inspiring palette of colours across the sky of my life. šŸ’•

core focusses.

To me, understanding neuroscience means understanding how to restore and accelerate human potential. Neuroscience is interlaced with so many of the pressing issues we face today. Rising homeless rates? Over half of unhoused residents have experienced a traumatic brain injury in their lifetime. Failing criminal justice system? Turns out most criminals have deficits in their amygdala, accounting for their aggression and lack of moral behavior; locking people up in prison cells only exacerbates this damage.

Perhaps neuroscience can offer a new lens in explaining why systems work or don't work the way they do. And re-thinking how we treat brain health on an individual level can ultimately address these large-scale issues. Currently, I'm most interested in investigating how non-invasive brain technologies such as electrical stimulation, music, laser light therapy, and brain-computer interfaces can be used to rehabilitate the brain.

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I'm committed to creating work that strives for greater societal impact, whether that be raising awareness about community issues through local projects or addressing disability justice and accessibility through neuroscience innovation.

I always have my eyes and ears open to stories from the marginalized and vulnerable. We tend to become jaded from hearing about all of the issues going on in the world, but stories make them realā€”it makes you realize there are real people suffering and living without the same privileges. Most of my favourite projects are inspired by stories I've interacted with, and when I can, I aim to use my platform to learn about and amplify the stories of people with weakened or neglected voices.

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Unlike charity, which addresses the symptoms of social problems, philanthropy is about addressing the root causes. Instead of one-time donations, my goal is persistent and sustained action, direct connection, and education (for myself, and others).

Technology greatly augments social inequality; people who need it the most are too poor to gain access. We're advancing the top 10% while leaving everyone else in the dust. But it doesn't have to be that way. Leveraging technology to bridge social gaps and lift up the underprivileged can be powerful. It also gives us tools to practice effective altruismā€”using evidence and reason to figure out how to best benefit others, and taking action on that basis.

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My goal is to fall in love with problems, not solutions. In a rapidly advancing technological era, we are urged to problem solve, often without understanding the whole system of the problem; we create immediate innovations for the sake of innovation. Technology doesn't solve problems, people do.

To create solutions that will genuinely improve people's lives, I'm working on going out to the real world to put myself in the contexts of real peopleā€”empathizing. I people watch. I dabble in humanities & science to discover and comprehend the vast expanse of the world, and engineering & tech to acquire the tools to design unique solutions. Through all of this, I continously question my ideas, our current systems & how we interact with them.

I'm focused on developing a hybrid skillset that combines all of my favourite interests and passions. Training myself to become conversant and think through the lens of a variety of disciplines allows me to make connections between seemingly unrelated fields and phenomenon, and ultimately create powerful, comprehensive solutions to tough problems.

So whether you're in tech, medical research, the social sciences, or the arts, I would love to meet and collaborate with you!

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Training my curiousity muscle and getting back into my love of learning and discovering. Check out what I've been loving to read and think about during my downtime.

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Recently, I have been trying my hand in the kitchen to make delicious homemade comfort food. Check out my favourite recipes! Oh, and don't forget to share some of your creations with me, too :)

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Capturing moments that I want to remember. See how I spend my time outside of school and work. Traveling, the beach, friends, fun events...

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šŸŒŠ Thank you for diving so deep! Feel free to check out my other pages or connect with me using the contact information below. Open to any feedback on how I designed and developed this website, too!